Daily Commuting During Viadoom

When the rains return and temperatures drop, I see less bicycle commuters out on the roads. The #viadoom has changed the dynamic with more Seattleites looking for alternative ways to get to and from work. Traffic is stalled by the Viaduct being torn down. If you’ve visited Seattle, that’s the main aerial along the waterfront.

viadoom paths

Bike path over on the left

Anticipating the big event, the DOT has painted new lines along Alaskan Way and we’ve even got a new path that gets within a chainlink fence of the destruction.


There once was an elevated highway here

I rode yesterday during rush hour to talk with the daily commuters and met Brenda and Leo. Took some iPhone photos.

Then this morning I met Ben, Jessie, and Tali. He walks with them to school in the Hugga HQ neighborhood and then rides to work.

commuter during viadoom

A modern family

Note his Pro commuter setup. That’s been honed to perfection after many years of riding in traffic and the rain. Viadoom was not bother to these commuters and all were happy to have more cyclists on the road.

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