Cyclus Ratchet

Cyclus ratchet 1

Here’s the latest addition to my home toolbox. I work in a bike shop, so I usually take care of most needs at the shop, but I like to be largely self-sufficient. Yet tools are expensive and I have limited space at home, so I need to be careful with my acquisitions. I just picked up this 3/8” ratchet made by Cyclus. I like the shiny finish and the rubber grip fits my hand just right. I got this tool to drive the external BB cup tool. If you already own a ratchet set, this Cyclus tool is probably superfluous for you, but you can get this one for about $40-45. Distributed by United Bicycle Supply (not the soon to be defunct United Bicycle Products, thank you Crossmechanic for the correction).

Cyclus Ratchet 2

There are cheaper ratchets out there, but after using a Cyclus at the shop for a year, I just really like this one. I pick it up and it’s just right. So, there’s one at the shop that I have access to 24/7 (I do have keys to the shop after all), but I paid my own money (though maybe less than you, since I am the shop buyer) just so I could have one like it at home. Take that for what it’s worth.

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