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If you’d like to become a Baryshnikov over the Barriers, faster on the runups, and placing in the results, check the videos and related posts. Featuring Tim Rutledge (OG Cross racer), we cover the basics and disclose secrets from the Redline Vault of Cross Knowledge.

We put this resource together after Matt Haughey wrote:

Seriously, I pretty much watched every tutorial video ever made for cyclocross and the ten minutes or so you captured is the most valuable advice I found anywhere.

You should put a page up on bikehugger somewhere with all of the Cyclocross tips videos with Tim embedded


Done! And while we were out this year having fun, being part of the community, and trying to stay on course, knowing that it’s better to “tip the bike over the barriers instead of carrying it” definetly helped (mistakenly thinking you had a flat for 2 laps did not!).


The most popular video we’ve made on Cross is this one.



And you can find the rest on our YouTube channel.

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