Rapha Cyclocross Roller Races

These photos and recap of the Oregon Manifest Roller Races are brought to you by bike hugging Flickr contributor, David Schloss:

Oregon Manifest (the excellent hand-built bicycle/Oregon cultural experience we attended this weekend) isn’t just about the semi-serious world of beautiful custom frames, it’s also about the hard-core, no- nonsense competitive world of ‘Cross racing.

Take, for example the Rapha Cross Rollers Race held on Saturday. Take four fixed gears mounted to rollers, connect them to a big cycle computer showing the distances for all four bikes, and have waves of riders compete for the top spot. Pretty standard right? That’s why the Rapha guys threw in not only copious amounts of beer, but a ‘cross portion that required racers to dismount after they completed 500 meters of on-bike sprinting and pick up a kids bike from a pile, which they then had to portage around the indoor course.

The small warehouse stadium pulsed with the sounds from the DJ booth, while the smells of intense competition (read “sweat”) mixed with the smells of the beer and waffles on sale.

Check out the shots of the competitors (many of whom are dressed for the occasion) as they battle it out for free custom built bikes from some of the vendors, including a custom Sweetpea, the prize for the women’s competition.

Shots from the Manifest show floor and from the Roller Cross are here.

Uploaded by davidjschloss | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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