Cycling Folklore

Last week, Hugga hung out with the crew at Novara and watched Paris Roubaix movies and I tweeted

While the mainstream news and stories are of the Grand Tours, Paris-Roubaix is cycling’s folklore

The race is on now, we’re watching it on Paris Roubaix and the Classics got me into cycling. I heard tales of it in Markee’s Bike Shop and watched grainy videos with Texas Jack Howell. The race is a reckoning through blood-stained land, over medieval cobbles. It’s fiendish, brutal. Suffering.

This year I don’t want to see George Hincapie fall into a ditch, exhausted, or break a steerer tube. I want to see him win it.


Cobbles Hurt

Our bros at RBA published video of the Arenberg and more special coverage.

Joe Parkin wrote about the race in Dog in a Hat and My Trek Store has a bike with cobble dirt on it.

Whatever flavor of cycling you’re into, the Hell of the North is part of the bike and our culture. It’s our folklore.

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