Cyber Monday for Cyclists

From an old Panasonic bike ad that predicted the future

Cyber Monday sounds like the day when Skynet becomes self-aware, when the Sarah Connors of the world get real nervous, or robots commute to work on bikes with their babelicious coworkers. But it’s another retail holiday and we’ve got a retail business to run too – you’ll never find us at the mall. So here are some Cyber Monday deals for cyclists, including our own Kickstand that sold very well over the weekend.

A box of Kickstands

an iPhone holder on sale for $3.00

Big Bag of Win: Outer flap

A Mission Workshop bag with our logo on it and on sale

The best deal we’ve got is on our custom Messenger bag for $99.00 and all of of our gear is on sale from now through the end of the year for 40%. Just click through to our Store or go straight to Amazon.

Also see our gift Recommendations available from, including Cyclocross items like Tim Johnson’s Nine Ball Diaries, a wall decal, or a how-to book.

Back to bike-riding robots dispatched by Skynet. Get to the end of this video and see how the robot waves an arm? Looks like a mini Terminator arm to me.

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