CX Worlds: Strong Fanbase, Crazy Americans


Know how to party and love CYCLOCROSS!

Now we get to party! There’s an extra day on the schedule, after the UCI moved all the racing to Saturday because of a rising river on the course. We’ll look for this crew at the sports bar today when football comes on, cause they know how to party, like Sportwereld fans party.

Qualified, raced, and watched world champions compete in the cold, muddy grass of Louisville. Put the camera down and cheered with the fans too when the Elite men roared by us like a colorful running of the bulls.

And a cyclocross fantasy camp. Legs are tired, SD cards full, and I’ve got stories to write about sufferfaces like this. As the Belgians observed, “Crazy Americans accounted for unique atmosphere in Louisville”

We walked a few laps around the track and watched our eyes: Dress Parties, bare bellies, vuvuzelas, megaphones, leg bathers and a lot of patriotism. One would almost spontaneously, “USA, USA, USA” from start to end.


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