A CX Remounting Bike Thief



There’s a curious bit of content stuffing (making content for hits) going on YouTube, where apparently bike locks drive traffic like zit popping videos and sick MTB edits.

So this one, I guess showing a LiteLock getting broken, looks entirely set up.

How do I know? Watch the loop. And, here’s the original.

Besides the multiple camera angles, the thief remounts like a Pro CX’er. So what, there are about 120 people that can remount that good? And, he’s a thief?


Because I work from a home studio, I don’t often lock bikes, but will say that I’d not want the words, “lite” in any of the marketing of a lock or experiment with any new, innovative award-winning designs.

The exception being HiplokTiGr, and the heavy ones from Knog.

I asked and Mark V uses a tried and true Kryptonite.

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