CX = (30min racing) + (2hrs cleaning) + (laundry)

vs. the Filth 2

Magnuson Park had a lot of grass build up on the bike, while Enumclaw varied from clay to soup. I ran spike on my Sidis at Enumclaw, which led to discovering an innovative way to hang the shoes to dry.

How to hang cyclocross shoes 1

How to hang cyclocross shoes 3

How to hang cyclocross shoes 0

It took close to 2hrs to clean/tune/lube my bike and Lil’ Ryan’s, plus laundry. After washing my shoes in running water, I hung them while cleaning the bikes, then set them in front of a floor fan overnight to finish drying.

I had to wash 2 days of cyclocross kit in 2 cycles to get rid of the mud, sand, and grass.

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