Crystal Cup Crit Crash

Stay left, stay left, LEFT. Stay right, stay right, RIGHT: official hit twice in race and she’s OK!

An official is not a traffic cone and if the course runs two way on a section, barriers should separate the lanes. If those aren’t rules, make them so. She’s ok and no one was seriously injured. Also note the decision to not strike the moto and instead weave between a cop and then hop the downed official was remarkable and shows deft handling.

The car that you hear honking and then see was the lead car for the pack. The race turned back on itself, did this several times, until the crashes. The snake ate its tail.


A blog from Timothy Rugg about the crash at Crystal City this weekend. He was the rider trying to bunny hop over the official that was already down.

Honestly, I don’t know how I didn’t break anything besides my bike trying to bunny-hop the official, whom I’ve heard is okay. I rolled over my handlebars and the instinct to try and bunny hop kept me gripping the bars saving me from breaking a wrist or collarbone. I walked away and got cleaned up in the ER with tons of road rash and a deep gash in my elbow being the worst of my injuries.

HT @podiuminsight

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