Cross Racing: Decker Ride the Stairs!

Riding the stairs on a MTB in a cross race? Who would do such a thing? Well, just like a fat bike tearing it up earlier this year at Sea Otter, that’s one way to get press. CX Mag has the story from Raleigh Midsummer Night’s Cyclocross Race yesterday. Next expect a dude to race Cross on an e-bike for the ink.

Aaron Bradford, the Fat Bike racer at Sea Otter in the CX Race, is “da man” too. I raced with him at Tuesday Worlds earlier this year, and he was on a fixed gear, and hairier than the Russian in American Flyers. When you’re that fast, you can ride whatever bike you want in any category of race, with a f all y’alls attitude too.

Haven’t met Decker, but he’s that fast too and a tip of the hat for the Giant show. Dealer Camp and Raleigh got Punk’d.

Note: we’re not quite done with road yet and our Cross coverage starts next month with Issue 03 of our Magazine. What an exciting way to start the season and I guess this means Giant is done being the quiet company in the bike industry. That’s good, cause they make the best bikes in the world.

Both Mark and I haven visited the Giant Factory and met James Hu of Giant. Also Zach who makes sure the factory is turning out a bike every 31.5 seconds.

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