Cross Branding Bicycles

schwinn%20scooter.jpg Saw this motorscooter on Capitol Hill. Notice the “Schwinn” logo. I looked up the website and read the marketing schtick. It’s been the better part of two decades since a Schwinn family member had control over the Schwinn brand. It must suck for Richard Schwinn at Waterford Bicycles.

He can neither use the “Paramount” name, the prestigious line of bicycles that the Waterford WI factory was established to build, nor even his own family name. But someone else can use his great grandfather’s name to sell a cheap motorscooter outsourced from Asia.

By the way, the old Bianchi/Piaggio connection was infinitely cooler than this Schwinn scooter. At the time, Piaggio owned Bianchi, and both manufactured in Italy. Plus Eduordo Bianchi had been an all-around industrialist, building autos and motorcycles long ago.

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