Craigslist: Instant Street Cred for Fixie


A friend just linked me to this…………

From Sacremento Craigslist:

Want to look cool on your sweet fixie, but can’t even do a trackstand? Want the illusion to be complete on your ghetto POS singlespeed with one brake to get that fixed gear look? Looking for instant street cred?

look no further gentleman or gentlelady, for i have the ultimate fixed gear accessory. you are looking at a geniune vittoria randonnonenroeur with rubber worn away ALL THE WAY AROUND IT. the red band meant only for puncture protection has been skillfully revealed with careful leg locking for that couture look. some places have even been worn through the red and threads are showing.

a shredded rando is what separates the posers from the krew. the fixie krew that is. you can’t get an app for this, this tire can only be made through elite fixie skills. so if you want to be the coolest guy at your nearest free trade coffee vendor or food co-operative, this tire is what you need. Will look great on any track bike, like your leader, kilo tt, windsor hour, pake, or republic bike. aerospoke compatible if aerospoke is 700c

trades also accepted for hip pouches, pbrs, american spirit cigs, or anything american apparel. not looking for anymore loose beanies nor wayfarer style glasses.

(image from Retired Belts)

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