CopenCycle: SmartBiking

Well timed with our trip to the Intel Developer Forum Taipei, a reader tipped us to a new MIT Research project in Denmark called CopenCycle that features SmartBiking

a novel self-organizing smart-tag system that will allow the city’s residents to exchange basic information and share their relative positioning with each other.


That means bikes are tagged and sharing data, including a “I crossed your Path” Facebook app. This convergence of tech and bikes is inevitable as mobile technologies becomes more available and reliable. At the Taipei Blogger Party, I asked Pankaj Kedia, a Director with Intel’s Mobile Internet Device Group, about a weather-proof MID and he replied that Toshiba had one (we’re looking for it). Just last week, we had a Purple Pedals bike at Hugga HQ and at we’ve talked at length with Dahon about enabling mobile technologies with their bikes.

I’d like to see an app that shows me where my cycling buddies are on a Google Map – a cycling cluster with ambient informatics, like how fast they’re coming or going.


What mobile technologies do you think would help cycling and cyclists? Real-time safe commuter routes?

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