Come See Turkey by Bike

Turkey By Bike

Photo by Pketron

With a rock to steady it against wall and a plastic bag covering the seat, this bike seems ready to ride around the block in Turkey. Pei Ketron spotted it for us while traveling in Turkey during the Come See Turkey event happening now. We haven’t ridden there, but have heard about it, just like Croatia, and the Tour of Turkey was last month. Also see this crazyguyonabike post.

The first 90kms or so were very flat… a real treat after all of the tough hills so far this trip. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves and our fast speeds for the first 3.5hrs, and then everything changed. We hit a section of gravel road through a construction zone that lasted about 10kms. To make it even more fun, we also had a strong headwind as well. The last 30kms of the trip were rolling hills that gave us 1092m of climbing before we staggered into Didim.

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