Col du Kent and the Lunch Ride

South of Seattle in the flats and hills of Kent you’ll find this Col. It’s not particularly steep or long, but fast enough to have you gasping and reaching for gears that aren’t there. It’s ridden at least once a week, every week, by the Novara crew on their lunch ride. They know every curve, bump, and rise in the road. If you happen to ride with them, or they come up you, it’s best to take their cues. Follow what they do. If they move you move. They shift you shift.

Col de kent1

Lunch Rides

We’ve heard of other legendary lunch rides and REI employees have been ripping each other’s legs for more than two decades. What’s your lunch ride? Is it legendary?

Col de kent2

Right around the bend there on the left, is where they’ll hit it hard.

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