Clodfelter to Horse Heaven Hills

Clearwater to Clodfelter

Clearwater to Clodfelter up to where the McMansions are

Remember when we road on dirt and gravel cause we lacked enough safe paved roads; yep been around that long. Like Weber Canyon and the Horse Heaven Hills where I’m riding this week in my home town for a family visit. We also used to ride these epic routes on Forest Service roads too in Eastern Washington and Oregon.

Horse Heaven Hills

The riding gets good where the McMansions line the road

Didn’t have a name for them, a start or a finish, other than “death marches.” I can see how Death Marching isn’t something a disposable-income Gen-X’er would want to do with their weekends that were once made for Michelob. Instead of say, “Gravel Grinding” or “Fondo’ing” or “Randos.” Whatever you call it, cyclists are back into adventure and we dedicated a magazine issue to the theme last year. Unracing I’ve heard it called too, but scoff at that hashtag, cause I know anytime a number is pinned on a back, it’s a race.

The Setup

My new fav bike that dulls the chipseal frequency, mutes it like turning down the treble on your stereo, is the Roubaix SL4. Setup with Zipp 30s and Ultremo DDs at no more than 100 PSI, it’s my current ride-all-day comfortable setup (thankfully in the sun) and I’ve ridden it all out here. Alum, Steel, Ti, Carbon and combinations of those I’ve tried. As soon as I get a demo, should bring a new Tarmac here someday with Rovals and 25s.

Riding in the sun at 85 degress

Hating 50/34 compacts, never bothered with triples for road, I’m good with the 52/36 on endless country roads where I used to ride an 8-speed 53/42 and grind climbs. I can spin up a climb and feel like I’m still still moving forward and turn over a big enough gear on the descents and flats.

If you find yourself in the Tri-Cities, the riding gets good where the McMansions line the roads. The routes are so changed up by sprawl, I’m at about an 80% hit rate on what I used to ride.

Though the focus on roundabouts here makes for quick trips out of town, away from the cars.

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