Clip-n-Seals on Amazon


Ever since the Amazon feature ran, we’ve sold through our stock multiple times and continue to send more, much more! Thanks for all the notes, comments, and emails too. It’s appreciated. If you’d like to purchase Clip-n-Seals, check back with Amazon, and get them while you can cause they sell out as soon as they hit the warehouse. You can also buy them direct from us at


Guess when you’re on’s homepage and featured in an entrepreneur story, the best way to share it is to just say, “hey I’m on Amazon and that’s exciting!” It also means a lot that more people will see the work we put in for a decade with Pam Massey, Josh Umami, Scott Benish, Wesley Pierce, and Marcus Connery.

Bike Hugger fans and readers of our blog have probably seen and maybe clicked the ad for Clip-n-Seals in the right corner of our homepage. Clip-n-Seals are made by the same company that publishes Bike Hugger and our product is featured because we use Amazon’s FBA service for fulfillment. Clip-n-Seal is the original, rod-and-clamp style bag clip that’s manufactured in the USA, sold and shipped via Amazon.

A couple notes on the shoot and story, they made me take my Hugga hat off and I wonder now if this mean I can walk freely around South Lake Union now and the Amazonians will welcome me?!

Also, back in the day when blogging was cool, I wrote a book about what we did with Clip-n-Seal. When I’m not riding my bike and writing about it here, I’m selling Clip-n-Seals all over the world and have done so for about a decade.

Here’s the story….

For the next couple of weeks if you see a horse head mask instead of my mugshot, just refresh the homepage (an epic showdown) and read the other success stories they’ve published.

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