Climate Ride: Driver and Electricity Orphans

P.J. talked like this the whole time from Amish Country to BWI. I learned that her daughter was clairvoyant, but crippled because her muscles grew faster than her tendons. So she was “Gumby”- awkward. The daughter had a boyfriend whose father went to jail for murdering someone in a bar (just to watch him die). While the father was in jail, his wife married his brother. Also, the Amish marry only once a year and there was a big crackdown on meth dealers recently.

P.J. drove me to airport after a weekend with the Climate Ride. I was like Dick Cavett responding to her hand gestures with occasional encouraging words to hear more of her interesting life story. Later eating in the airport, I wondered, how did the daughter not predict her muscle growth issue and seek medical attention?

Then this scene of electricity orphans caught my eye.

Climate Ride: Electricity Orphans

That’s a business woman plugged in and working between unused phone booths with two kids nearby that didn’t belong to her. Their family was elsewhere in the airport, probably lining the walls at another set of outlets, as if they were in an electricity breadline.

There’s a dystopian short-story in this photo. Possibly with P.J.’s hand as the narrator.

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