Cinelli Jelly Ribbon handlebar wrap

Fizik tape combo

I have thing for handlebar wrap. My favourite for the last few years has been Fizik, but I’ve also played around with Lizard Skins and the clear Cinelli Jelly Ribbon. The Jelly Ribbon looks cool on carbon bars since you can see the carbon weave through the tape. If you use Fizik gel inserts underneath, you can get padding AND cool looks. If you need to go beyond that, you can try a top/bottom split with tape. I’ve also experimented with finishing the tape at the top with short sections of the Glossy Fizik tapes. Glossy Fizik has almost zero grip, so I don’t like to use it for the body of the handlebar.

Fizik tape

Fizik/Cinelli combo

You can place stickers or decals on your handlebar and then wrap the Cinelli Jelly over it.

I thought about putting the Jelly ribbon on my cyclocross bikes, but I could see getting dirt under the tape from stacking it in a muddy turn, the impact driving the filth into the gaps of the ribbon. That would just look crappy

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Davidson MkV

Fizik tape

Fizik Chalk White tape finished with Glossy White. The trick is that you use superglue to adhere a short section of Glossy on top to finish. Use some electrical tape to hold down the edge of the Glossy at the overlap (preferably on the underside of the bar) while it dries. The Glossy only overlaps itself a tiny amount, and stays put.

Fizik tape combo

This is Glossy White on the bottom with Black microtex on the top.

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