Christmas Bike

We bought a bike for an inner-city kid this year, donated it to his family, and that reminded me of the bikes I’ve gotten for Christmas. How bout you? My first was a Sears 3-speed that I rode like Evel Knievel. It was remarkably just like this bike, I spotted in the Summer of 07.

I rode that bike everywhere; later, I had a cruiser, BMX, MTB (Gary Fisher and Specialized S-Works) and then an Epic Allez that converted me into a roadie. I hope more kids get bikes this year and ride them.

A gift

Related Quotes

“When I was a little kid waking up on Christmas morning, if there was a bike there, well, it was the ultimate gift … This really hits my heartstrings. A bike is the ultimate gift for kids.” – Kansas City Star

“I was always a big bike man. I grew up in L.A., so we were able to ride our bikes on Christmas day, so I always wanted a bike. That was my big thing.” –

“Sometimes the parents want to come pick up the bike to keep it a surprise for Christmas … Sometimes the kids come and pick out the bike they want.”

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