Chilly Hilly 2010

Chilly Hilly is the traditional start to the Pacific Northwest cycling season and it’s just that chilly and hilly with the route being on an island.


It’s also a uniquely Seattle experience with thousands of cyclist queued on a ferry.


  • Chilly Hilly had 3,858 riders
  • Riders came from 16 states, including Alaska, Iowa, Nevada and New York – plus British Columbia and France
  • 25% of riders were female; 75% were male
  • The oldest registered rider was 83 years old. The youngest was two years old.

Also don’t let the recreational riders fool you, there is a finish line to this ride and many cyclists consider it their personal mission to beat you to it. Most are just there for the fun.

Photo posted on February 28, 2010 by awilliams53

Yesterday it was the Seattle Bike Swap.

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