Challenge Limus in the Snow

Mark V built up a set of Hevics (Mavic hubs and Hed rims) with Challenge Limus for the 11 Cross season, but I didn’t ride them much until now, in the snow.

Fast, smooth, and grippy.

It was also muddy and they handled the goo superbly as well. They’re not my favs, like the FMBs, but got the job done on our Lesser Seattle Cross workout loop from Schmitz to Lincoln Park. The Hevics with Limus were on the Parlee CX-H, a bike I hadn’t ridden in a month. Down a short hill and into a field of fresh snow, I was reminded of how hot that bike is, like an High School sweetheart I never got over.

Meanwhile, Mark rode downhill on a sledding hill until he got it right without crashing.

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