Cervelo Rca Frameset



Busy news day and we haven’t even gotten to a SXSW roundup yet, after posting on the no-shit Shinola bike, check the new Cervelo RCa.

Handbuilt Project California frameset integrates category-defining light weight, stiffness, and ride quality with S-series aerodynamics.

Rca floating in the air

So light it floats

The Rca debuts with new technologies such as 3M™ PowerLux™ Composite, Integran/PowerMetal Nanovate™. Parse those marketing names into scary light.

The Cervelo Rca frameset is available now for $10,000 in a limited edition run of 325.


While this new frame set makes news, we’ve got an boring old S5 in on review and said this about it on Twitter.

All that shaping is like hypnotizing chickens, worth a million in prizes. Obviously built by engineers, focused on speed, less looks. Between the two posts this morning, it’s beauty and the beast.

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