Cavendish signature stem from PRO

Pro Star series stem- Cavendish


p> PRO, Shimano’s brand of bars and stems, soon will be delivering their Cavendish signature series bars and stems to bike shops. These items are built extra beefy for stiffness, exactly what a sprinter asks for. The 7000-series aluminium handlebar has internal ribbing to enhance stiffness, while the monocoque carbon fibre stem is hugely bulbous. Since the bar is only available in PRO’s anatomic bend and not their round bend, I am indifferent; PRO’s non-traditional round shape is my big favourite for road bars.

However, the stem I am keen on. It’s available in 130, 120, and 105mm. Frankly, I think PRO wants to sell to consumers who ride a 100mm but don’t really want to make 4 different moulds for stems, ie 130, 120, 110, and 100mm. I like 100mm, but ok…I’ll bite. I actually got to turn one of these about in my hands at a recent Shimano tech seminar. What I can say is that when it comes to light and stiff stems on the market, this stem better be stiff.

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