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Carried quite a few cargo loads on a bike

A good day for Cargo bikes and cargonistas in the media with articles in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. On longtails, now tagged as “farmer’s market bikes,” the WSJ reports

The longtail, he said, redefined what a cargo bike was—not heavy and slow, but agile, and eminently adaptable. He said its growth roughly parallels the rise of farmers’ markets. “It is the perfect farmers’ market bike.”

Regarding working bikes, NYT reports

B-Line is the latest example of the greening of a traditional industry. The company’s cargo boxes are comparable in size to a small commercial van, but, unlike vans, the trikes don’t emit carbon dioxide or cause traffic jams at delivery stops. Mr. Jones estimates that B-Line has completed more than 30,000 deliveries that otherwise would have been made by gasoline-chugging vehicles.

In 09, I mentioned the B-Line Trucker Trike in a post. Then videotaped and rode around in it 10.

It was very torquey.

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