Carboard Bike is Back


Spotted in NYC

Remember that $9 or $20 cardboard bike that wowed everyone then disappeared? Yesterday on Twitter, Shane Snipes tipped us to an invite-only page announcing a Kickstarter and said he met the inventor at a social conference in NYC. Last month, I spotted the bike in a news item that came up for a museum exhibition about the art of the bicycle. At the time, I thought the bike was a well-done PR play by Izhar Gafn and an internet sensation that lit up all the design and tech blogs.

cardboard bike on wall

On a Museum Wall

The plausibility of a cardboard bike was like any other design-student CAD project that’ll never get built. Now with an invite-only, pre-Kickstarter page, maybe it will? Carlton Reid also picked up the story. I’m still skeptical, but also interested in the applications of resin-coated, folded cardboard.

Photo of Izhar Gafn by Shane Snipes.

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