Called into The Spokesmen 90 From Taiwan

Arrived in Taipei, got to the hotel room, and called into the Spokesmen for another roundtable discussion about bikes. Was distracted for 1/2 of the show by a mosquito that landed on my arm until… splat.



While Taiwan produces most of and the best bikes in the world, their wealthy youth are into the bling just like everywhere else. This hotel is a scene where they show off their cars. When I stepped out of the taxi, stumbled first into a Lamborghini, then a Ferrari all while a crowd watched to see who else showed up.


Into cars

I didn’t have much to show them back ‘cept for a cool new Knog hat, my fav merino wool jersey, Hugga tee, and a set of manpris. After more coffee and before the event starts, going to look for my old friend the Traffic Robot today.

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