Burke Gilman is Closed! (So what?)


The Burke-Gilman is closed along a pretty heavy commuter route, and personally – I don’t really care. The detour they provide is REDICULOUS, but there are plenty of ways to ride the route pretty comfortably. My route is here on Google Maps. I like to come across the University Street bridge, and travel a number of the bike-friendly routes on wide, one-way roads through the U District and up into Lake City. The bit from 145th back down to Lake Forest Park is easy (and downhill) going North, and cars tend to give you room. Going South…it’s a climb, but it’s shallow and there’s a bus lane so plenty of room. I’ve never had a problem with buses while riding there. The last stretch is Lake Forest Park to Kenmore and there are bus lanes there as well.

One tip for all users – even if the light of summer, I run my Planet Bike Superflash at all times (some bikes even two). Bikehugger has dropped them to “Stock up pricing” so get a couple and get free shipping. I think I own 8 if them between my bikes, bags, and the spares I keep at the office and in the garage.

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