Built this Week at WebVisions 11

We’re back at WebVision this week with Built: Make and Tell and these talks

  • Fuelly: lessons from one million fuel-ups – Talking about building Fuelly, how we tried to see if we could save money and change our driving styles, and what we found as system-wide trends. Also, unveil the new design. Matt Haughey, Metafilter.

  • Urban Chickenry – The preso will examine my path to urban chickenry, relating the construction of my elaborate chicken coop to the (strikingly similar) phases of a typical interactive design project. Scott Benish.

  • Bootstrapping an online video service – Walk the audience through the process of building my encoding/hosting service at videoRx.com, detailing the resource/hours put into the project, out of pocket expenses, goals, and expectations. Robert Reinhardt, VideoRX.

  • Making Tools for the Handbill Man – I produced a street performance where I demonstrate tools from my make-believe franchise “Handbills Delivered”. These tools “solve the most vexing challenges facing today’s Handbill man” including hazards (such as the risk of paper cuts) and being more efficient (by, for example, increasing your number of arms). Phillip Kerman.

  • Bike Shop Confidential – The brutal truth from inside a bike shop. Mark Villegas.

  • Nerd Orleans: rebuilding + code – Bringing a non-profit, DIY-style, Nerd Orleans brought geeks and geek talent to New Orleans to help rebuild, re-write, and infuse the burgeoning tech scene there with new ideas. How we built a mission, a website, and talked shop all day with geeks, locals, and local geeks. Ginevra Kirkland.

  • 8 Things You Should Know About Belgium/France and the Paris Roubaix Cobbles – 7 Things You Should Know About Belgium, France and Paris-Roubaix is a short tale about my mid-life crisis/40th Birthday present to myself… A trip to Belgium and France for the Paris-Roubaix Challenge. I’ll walk through the nuances of preparing for such a trip and what happened once I got there. I’ll highlight the 7 Things you should be aware before trying such a trip yourself. Rob Anderson.

After Built on Friday, I’m talking about A Decade of Independent Manufacturing with Social Media

Ten years ago, we had this idea to make a product that’d keep our coffee and chips fresher. We researched, designed, and manufactured it all with sweat equity and many late nights on the Internets. Today people call that being a Maker. Back then we were just trying to make a buck. This talk will share how to get your product from idea to reality…and who knows, it may even end up being used in the Space Shuttle, Antarctica, pantries, and Grandma’s looms.

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