Built in 2012

Built Stencil on Tarp

Built tarp at the Portland Bike Show last year

For 2012, we’re bringing Built to NYC for WebVisions and we’re back at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Check the Built page for details and we’ll announce a few more later in the year.

Built Make and Tell SXSW 11: Naz

Naz from Weighshift drops science on the crowd at SXSW

Built Fanboys

Built Make and Tell SXSW 11: More Fan Boys

Faces were melting off like those of @robweychert and @jasonsantamaria

Audiences like Built, cause it’s a series of short talks by people who create, during larger events like SXSW.

Call for Speakers

Do you have some cool ideas or concepts worth sharing with a crowd? Are you making something that incorporates technology and transportation? Maybe something bike-related that used zombie robots? If so, answer the Call for Speakers on the Built page.

We’ll have a Mobile Social too, of course.

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