Built at SXSW 12 Slides and Show Notes

Slides from our series of talks by people who create are available for viewing on Flickr and G+. The reviews from our first show of 12 at SXSW include

Loved the built talks. Morgan great job. Better than TED! #nextstage –

Great #built ignite-like session today, good work @bikehugger. @trentwalton on food, @brownthings on photos, @rainypixels on happiness – Gregory Heller

Best thing I’ve seen here – anon attendee who said that 3 times.

We work hard to bring a good show and keep Austin weird. Joshua Allen’s peptide performance was enough weird for one show, but this version included the DJs of the Sun keeping the speakers on time with two turntables.


Horny female mice slide from Joshua Allen’s Peptides and You talk.

A curious child crawling over the stage while his off-the-grid, digital-nomad dad showed us his bus, photo considerations, and a giant Land sign.


Yes! slide from Matt Brown’s Rotting bits talk.

Dog philosophy too.


Yoshi the Fucktard slide from Nishant’s Happiness is a Warm Snout talk.

Exhausted after two Mobile Socials, a talk about making stuff, meeting Judd Apatow, and this show, I took a nap. Refreshed and back out to a reception for Zeldman, I rode by this horse with a blinky.

“Yup,” I thought. That’s Austin. Of all the places I ride, the only one with horses in the bike lane and the blinky is required by law.

See you in 13 and our next show is at NXNEi in Toronto.

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