Building Trucks with Bikes

In our travels and Mobile Socials, we’ve seen bikes used as transportation, but not to this extent. Bikes at India truckstops are used to deliver goods and services and form a trucking ecosystem. They build trucks with bikes.

Truck Parts

Mobile Social Worlwide: India Truckstop

As we walked around the stop, various bikes would pass us with their loads. Need a new pair of pants or have your pants ironed? The merchants with bikes and carts have it.

Pants for Sale

Mobile Social Worlwide: India Truckstop India moves freight by truck along highways. Bikes serve that last mile or so.

Compressed Natural Gas

Mobile Social Worlwide: India Truckstop Used for lifts and backhoes.

More photos from the truckstop are included in the Mobile Social Worldwide photoset. Scroll down to the bottom photos.

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