Bright Pockets Fit

Honda is about to launch the FIT in Taiwan and setup this street demo. You stand between the F & T, a sensor detects you, lights up, plays some weird music, and then you take a picture to later upload it to their blog.


I thought it made for a good way to demonstrate the Bright Pockets (and heels) of Cordarounds Bike to Work Pants. I also noted that it was an engaging use of Social Media. For some reason, I also wanted to salute my colleagues when standing on the platform.

Later, I thought I should’ve made my body into a “A” shape to spell fat.

I’ve been traveling and riding with the pants and they’re comfortable, well-made, and the “bright pockets” are an interesting feature. The next rev would benefit from

  • Buttons for the cuff so it stays up
  • Zippered-side, thigh pocket for a phone or camera
  • Less greasy-friendly material that doesn’t suck up grease within a few feet of a bike. Call it grease-phobic or something
  • Gusseted crotch with breathe holes.

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