BMC Third Generation Roadmachine

BMC Third Generation Roadmachine

BMC Third Generation Roadmachine launched in the US during Sea Otter. I had the privilege of testing out the new bike. True to their Swiss nature, BMC doesn’t boast about their products; they let their bikes do the talking. After several rides, it’s clear that the Roadmachine speaks volumes about its ability to handle both pavement and dirt.

BMC Third Generation Roadmachine
BMC Third Generation Roadmachine on 17 Mile Drive

BMC has mastered the art of creating a bike that glides effortlessly on smooth roads while also tackling rough terrain with ease. Even without precise adjustments beyond raising the saddle, I found the Roadmachine to be exceptionally comfortable throughout the weekend. BMC’s philosophy of “Keep it fast, increase capability” shines through in this model. I went on a gravel ride with 28s and had no issues, even over sandy  sections. That’s impressive. It’ll fit a 40.


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BMC refers to it as the Endurance Formula, and here’s what they shared with me.

“From an engineering standpoint, the updated frame bears many signature BMC hallmarks, including TCC (Tuned Compliance Concept) Endurance technology – achieving the required amount of vertical compliance – the D-shape seatpost, and ICS (Integrated Cockpit System) and stem solution. Each piece of engineering is intended to create a more relevant package for today’s rider. The new models also feature BMC’s highest level of carbon layup to date.”

Technically, that means they repositioned the bottom bracket, enhancing the compliance of the seat tube and seat post structure, and extending the rear center by a maximum of 5 mm (making it among the shortest for an ultra-responsive ride) results in a marginal increase of 1-3 mm in the overall wheelbase of the bike, depending on the frame size.

What they didn’t mention is all the shaping that’s really only visible close up

BMC Roadmachine shaping
BMC Roadmachine shaping

It would take a lot for me to give up my brown bike. The BMC is capable enough to do so.

BMC Third Generation Roadmachine Highlights

  • The Roadmachine range from BMC offers endurance bicycles,  with capability and functionality, all while delivering BMC’s signature performance.
  • Riders are granted the freedom to choose from a wide selection of wheels, tires, and drivetrains thanks to component compatibility.
  • The Roadmachine is built with added compliance, on-ride storage, and safety features.
BMC Roadmachines
BMC Roadmachines

You’d expect a bike like this to cost a lot. The model I rode cost about $12K built with Di2. Considering it’s two bikes in one, that doesn’t seem like too much. I also loved the color.

More Pricing

BMC offers the Roadmachine in a variety of trims, including, an e-bike.

  • Roadmachine 01 TWO -12.999 USD (Shimano Dura-Ace Di2)
  • Roadmachine 01 THREE- 8.499 USD (SRAM Force eTap AXS)
  • Roadmachine 01 FOUR – 7.999 USD (Shimano Ultegra Di2)

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