Blundstones and Bikes

soma tradesmen 2

Blundstones and cargo bikes

When I’m riding around town for errands, to an fro meetings and other important stuff, I’m usually in Blundtones. Like these slip ons or their new lace-up version, the 268.

Blundstones with Bike

Chukka style with bike

Beside the legendary blunnie comfort, it’s the patina they develop I like most. Lather them up with a good layer of NikWax and wear them in the worst conditions. Blundstone is based in Tasmania and their boots are made of natural materials. They aren’t cheap, but will last. Find the 268 or 064 at a retailer near you.

Blundstone with bike closer

Chukka style with bike closer

The bike in the photos is the Soma Tradesmen.

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