Black Friday Bike Deals

You bet there are Black Friday Bike Deals online. They’ve probably already started. Here are a few that were shared with me.

Pure Cycles

Pure Cycles bikes are marked down, some up to 40%. The Ayer—an urban commuter with a belt drive is $599. It normally retails for $999. Their road bikes are $329. If there’s better deal on a steel road frame with Shimano gear, I wanna know about it.

Also see what Batch Bicycles is doing.

But more importantly, I suggest you visit a local shop and find a deal in person. Remember you can reasonably negotiate on the sales floor and for accessories. Dealers likely are not offering deep discounts, but you should find closeouts.

In the road category, you should buy a bike that’ll fit nothing less than 28s (preferably 32s) and with disc brakes. That’s really my only recommendation because all the bikes across genres are so good now. You want the tire volume for more traction, comfort, and wear.

For MTB, get one that’ll allow you to switch between 27.5 and 29s. I’m into the whatever hub width manufactures are making now. In MTB wider is better, even to the point of almost fat widths at 3.8. My MTB runs 3.3s.

On Amazon

Find the deals from Amazon on their cycling page. Bike Hugger has an Amazon storefront and I have a recommendations page with affiliate links.


I’ve already shared the camera sales from my photography site and two of them are the best deal I’ve seen. The $998 a7 II kit and the a9 for $1000 off.

Turkey Day Ride

We’re riding our annual route with friends on Thursday and then mountain biking the rest of the weekend. I hope you have good rides too and spend time with family. Maybe you’ll find a turkey dinner on the path like we did in 2012.

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