Biz, Bikes & Brew

Business and cycling meet at the Biz, Bikes, & Brew event – similar to our Mobile Socials with an emphasis on networking. We posted on deals on the bike earlier and have ridden with Dahon and others. A couple weeks ago, I met up with a potential new business partner and Bike Hugger was vetted by REI during one of their legendary lunch rides.

There isn’t a handbook for these rides, but I’d suggest

  • Take a pull and a good, hard one
  • Ride hard, but don’t drop the VP of whatever
  • Don’t pop-off about your skills and then suck
  • Bring the good wheels
  • Ask where the sprint is and line up for it

Besides the vetting, on the bike you get to know a person, how they ride, what they’re riding, and how they assemble themselves in the pack. It maybe a alpha-centered culture with roadies or a more democratic urban ride. Whatever the context is, I think more business should occur on bikes.

Also, as a final tip, if you show up on a Pinarello Prince, you must rip everyone’s legs off and then apologize profusely or risk being labeled a poseur.

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