Biologic’s Cipher Gloves

I’ve mentioned Biologic’s Cipher Gloves a few times after getting a sample and tested them yesterday on a snowy ride. They work well and are for use with any touchscreen phone. 3M conductive fabric is sewn onto the forefinger and thumb. They’re a thin, soft shell, stretchy fabric that’s warm enough for a cold day, but you’ll want a liner inside or another glove over them for the snowy days. They include reflective piping and that’s a nice touch for the cyclist.

I took that video while riding with the gloves. I did notice how touchy fingers are with a pressure-sensitive “touch zone” on a screen. With fabric over your finger that’s wider than the pad of the tip, you’ll need to aim closely to get the camera loaded up, slide to unlock, or type. Use gloves like this for quick functions, like switching to play music or answering the phone. Your bare finger is much better at typing so you’ll not want to compose an essay-long email at stop lights or on the ski lift.

Cipher Gloves are available on our store now and cost $34.99.

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