Biologic iPhone Bike Mount and Map My Tracks

We’ll ride the Mobile Social this year with a Biologic iPhone Bike Mount and Map My Tracks. I reviewed both late last year. Map My Tracks built us a Hub for SXSW and I invite you to join us there.


Nick Tatt wrote a long post about it. In summary, what you do is

  • Download paid or free app
  • Track your ride
  • Upload it, make it public, tag it SXSW

and it’ll show up on the Hub with our rides.



While Map My Tracks is mapping our rides, you can also geolocate our photos on Flickr. We’ll post about what we’re doing here, on Twitter and Facebook.

For calendaring, I’m using while in Austin and we found flights using Hipmunk. Square’s app is for retail in our Trade Show Booth. The Biologic mounts are sold out, but we’ll have a few with us.


The assortment of gear this year includes

and we’ll blog as we do.

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