Bin Laden’s death prompts bicycle use

Following President Obama’s announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s demise, several thousand people gathered to spontaneously celebrate outside the White House. And apparently several hundreds or more got there by bicycle. The DCist reported that Capital Bikeshare saw “558 rentals between 10pm and 2am” Sunday night, and more than half of those were between midnight and 2am. Vox Populi, Georgetown Univeristy’s blog, reported that the disctrict’s university students “grabbed taxis, rode bicycles or simply sprinted down M street in order to reach the White House”.

20110501 White House Osama Death Celebration 305 from gwoyang’s flickr photostream.

…but in the morning there were regrets like this in Craigslist:personals:missed connections:

“We were at the White House together for the “Osama is dead” sing-a-long watching people climb the lights to tie up American flags. You had a piercing around your lip and a pretty badass looking shoulder tattoo. You and your friend kept thanking my roommate and I for holding our bikes up and keeping the crowd from you.

Why the hell didn’t I ask your name? “

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