Bikes Noted for their Austerity

A old bike industry saying is that, “Bikes are like the cockroaches of natural disasters.” They survive and get ridden in the worst of conditions. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has led to a resurgence in bike sales use and culture. Today from Reuters Pictures, a shop in Greece is featured with this photo and caption.

terns in reuters

Tern from Reuters Pictures

A bicycle is seen inside a bicycle shop at Marousi suburb, north of Athens June 28, 2012. In austerity Greece, the once lowly bike is winning new fans every day, from middle-aged commuters who relied on their cars to those who poked fun at former Prime minister George Papandreou’s perchant for cycling as not being macho enough. Picture taken June 28, 2012.

Here are a couple Verges from the Tern launch in Taiwan last year.

Verge in Taipei

Verge in Taiwan

Verge in Taiwan Unfolded

Verge in Taiwan folded

The Greeks once thought the bike was lowly and it’s back in fashion. There and elsewhere. To the point of bikes being Macho? The Greeks can check Wiggos’ sideburns. That’s as manly as it gets.

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