Bike Trippers by Kevin Kelly

bike trippers

Kevin Kelly documents his latest Coast Ride in a free Bike Trippers PDF and iPad book.

I made a book – for you! – of our recent bicycle journey down the coast of the Pacific from Vancouver Canada to San Francisco. It’s 60 pages of photographs and lessons learned. My teenage son and nephew also report on their impressions of seeing this side of America. I think it conveys the enthusiasm of human powered travel, and the glory of what we saw. You might even find it inspirational if you have a similar dream of riding a bike on a long tour. I printed up several copies with Blurb for ourselves (and you can order one yourself in the unlikely chance you want to), but anyone who is interested can read the ebook version. There is a free PDF and a free iPad version. For now, that’ll be the three formats: printed book, PDF, or iPad. – KK

Kevin is the Senior Maverick at Wired magazine and publisher of Cool Tools. We haven’t met our ridden (yet), but years ago he mentioned Clip-n-Seals (a consumer product the parent company of Bike Hugger makes) on his blog. Back in 79, he rode a bike from San Francisco to New York and sketched what he saw in a notebook. Last year he published those sketches in another eBook.

You can also purchased a printed version of Bike Trippers from Blurb for $50.00.

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