Bike to Work Day 09: Microsoft Campus

E-bike to work For Bike to Work Day 09, we rode over to the Microsoft Campus and met commuters along the way. The first stop was at the West Seattle Station were Aaron was unoffcially mixing up power drinks.

On the Eastside, we met up with Sam Lester an Microsoft employee in the SQL Server group. We rode with him to the campus and had breakfast at their reception. Then we checked out bikes at another reception and toured the on-campus bike shop.

We were impressed by the turnout and met Microsoft cyclists like the jokester in the photo above and the proud owner of a Silvio Cruz below.

Silvio Cruz

I’d not seen a Cruzbike before. It’s a front-drive recumbent. It looks like someone chopped up a bike: put the front on the back, the back on the front, and then bent it with a seat. Crazy and gadgeted out by the owner.

Also saw the skins of a shirts and skins bike to work team. He was funny, just likes to ride with no shirt.

More photos here and we’ll upload video shortly.

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