Bike to Work 12: Ride with the Mayor

mayor ride 1

Mayor McGinn and a yellow vest guy

Rode with the Mayor of Seattle to celebrate Bike to Work Day this morning. Got out a bit late for the 7:45 AM meet time, so TT’d over on the Soma Tradesmen.

mayor ride 2

Strava this workout!

At each commuter station, asked the attendants to just toss the schwag in the buckets.

mayor ride 3

A well-traveled bag

Then at City Hall we heard speeches and met other commuters like these two with bike style.

mayor ride 4

Outrageously photogenic couple

Hung out with the Cascade crew and they unveiled their new Eco-Totem.

mayor ride 5

Mr. Cascade

After coffee with SeaBikeBlog, introduced myself to Neodandi (though not dressed for it), rode back, and saw the Trippy Space Van.

mayor ride 6

Fashion in Pioneer Square

Also a cyclist with a Travoy Trailer.

See the rest of the photos light boxed on G+ or Flickr.

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