Bike Lane to a Ditch

From the Getting There column, a transportation Q/A,

Will Murray says Seattle put in a bike lane. But it ends in a ditch. He said that seems kind of dangerous.

By the power of Google, I found the location, but didn’t see the ditch. Remarkably, there are two cyclists in the Street View. The lane is at Linden Avenue North and North 141st Street.

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The city promises to work with the contractor to fix the problem and I expect they will. After I wrote about the Lexus Love Tap, a city worker setup his own barriers and was out there watching for cars. It now has concrete curbs.

With new signs sharrows, and green lanes, the City of Seattle is working hard on the Bicycle Master Plan.


Is it making a difference? I think we’ve all ridden on paths to nowhere, and the best (or worst) ever was the 34 seconds of Bike Lane.

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