Bike In Style

The Bike in Style Challenge winner was announced yesterday at an awards ceremony in NYC. Now, we’d have asked the actress to step aside so we could see what bikes those were.


Actress Marion Cotillard. Photo: Getty Images

They’ve got Louis Vuitton Luggage on them. LVMH Partnered with FIT and the New York City Department of Transportation on the contest and the challenge was to create a “a poncho, a jacket and a travel bag which were both functional and stylish.” FIT student Jessica Velasquez won with a Tech-Chick/Envelope bag.

chic_bag.jpgWatch the NYT Interactive Feature for more of the designs. Some cool, some seem like the designers haven’t commuted by bike. We’ve been following bikes and fashion – DKNY put bikes all over NYC a few years ago – and have been hoping to see a bike challenge on Project Runway like this. Quoted on the contest, Donna Karan said:

“The DKNY design team focused on helping the students to incorporate these essential elements of the City into their designs, with the goal of making fashionable, functional urban biking a reality. We are proud to be involved in a program that fosters the next generation of designers and will make NY an even better, more environmentally friendly, place to live.”


There is a market between commuters and haute couture and that’s for gear you can wear on the bike and right into the office. Like Bike to Work pants or Wool. Don’t know why the industy hasn’t figured that out yet. Cutter Bike is getting close.


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