Bike Hugger Wants to Eat Your Lunch

For National Bike Month and in partnership with TechFlash, we’re going to feature Lunch Rides with Techies. Those noon hammerfests, where much business gets done, and people stay in shape.

Do you ride at lunch? Let us know in the comments. We’ll bring a GoPro wearable video camera with us, ride, and eat (not necessarily in that order).


Size 64

Matt's Size 64 Madone For example, this week I rode with Matt Haughey. That’s his size 64 Trek Madone equipped with SRAM Red – the head tube is longer than my forearm.

Trek doesn’t make a bike bigger than that. It’s Godzilla size.

We ate tacos at Cactus on Alki and then toured the industrial areas of Seattle near Southpark.

After chatting about the economy, Matt’s early work on Blogger and Creative Commons, it got real quiet when we hit the 18% grade hill.

Matt has ridden one thousand mile so for this year. As we finished up the ride, Matt took this photo of the moment.


Brown Bag and Bikes

Next up is a lunch with people from Microsoft, Novara, and more. See the related post on TechFlash: In search of Seattle cycling geeks.

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