Bike Hugger on Google Currents

A week after I wrote about a more readable web and the day after attending the Windows Store Preview, Google launches Current. That’s a touchscreen newsreader app for iOS and Android. If you didn’t get the memo yet, the web now and in 12 is about mobile. It’s also about the portability of content. You can read us on the desktop, in apps, mobile, and newsreaders; however you want. On social networks too.

iPad VIew

Currents iPad view

Our Currents channel includes posts from our blog, photos, and videos. We’ll try publishing select content for the App, to see what readers want. I’m thinking initially, live content from the events we attend.


Currents iPhone view

To add us to your Currents library, click through this link or search for Bike Hugger in the app.

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What Currents means for bloggers, small businesses, and even a bike shop – is your blog content is turned into an app by Google. How nice of them! It’s a competitor to Flipboard.

As those of you viewing us on your phones and tablets already know, we’re publishing a mobile device view of Bike Hugger and will launch a single RWD site soon. And the Windows Store? Yep, we’re working on that too.

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