Bike Hugger Mobile Social To Hit Interbike

We’ve nailed down the details of our Mobile Social Interbike. Mobile Socials are an intersection of bikes, technology, and culture. We ride, talk bikes, blog, party, and fantastic giveaways from our fantastic sponsors. The event offers no douchebaggery or lameness, but is for like-minded cycling fans of all types to get together and talk about bikes.

This one’s going to be a great event–we’re riding from the Sands Convention Center (where the Interbike show is held) to the USA Crits Finals at Mandalay Bay including a nice tour of the strip and some local roads.

At the Crit we’ll hang out and have food, refreshments and product giveaways in our own VIP tent. We expect they’ll be an after-party at a nearby watering hole as well for some continued revelry.

We’ll meet at 6pm at the main entrance for the Sands Convention Center on Sands Av, at the bike lockers. Here’s the Google Maps location.

To attend this event, RSVP at our Upcoming site or on our Facebook page.

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